ECI 575 gives a conceptual and applied orientation to the educational uses of the Internet and World Wide Web, with an emphasis on educational and instructional application. It provides the background knowledge and technical overview needed to understand how to design and create educational materials for publication on the World Wide Web (WWW).

This course will focus on four central issues. These include:

It is assumed all participants have access to and are able to use a Windows and/or Macintosh computer at an advanced level for class work. Students must be able to connect to the World Wide Web in order to complete online work. A dedicated high-speed connection is recommended.

Participants are free to choose a web authoring environment according to their interests and needs. While it is possible to create web pages entirely in simple text editors such as Notepad or SimpleText, it is recommended that participants plan on investing in a more dedicated authoring environment. Examples for the class will be given in text editors and MacroMedia Dreamweaver MX.

Participants may purchase the MacroMedia Web Authoring Studio at a greatly reduced price with student ids. This four application suite costs approximately $190. Again, it is not a requirement of the class to purchase this software.

This class will be conducted asynchronously online; there will be no scheduled meetings either physically or online. Discussions will take place in an active bulletin board environment. Student work will be posted to a common class web site where Dr. Hollenbeck can access and comment upon the work.


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ECI 530 or equivalent computer skills


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Course Organization

This course emphasizes learning by participation. A thorough grounding in HTML will be blended with inquiries into the educational uses of the World Wide Web. The semester work will be divided between online tutorials, small group interactions and the completion of provided exercises. Students will be expected to devote at least 8 hours per week to mastery of course topics.

This course will be taught entirely online. Participants should be able to access a computer that is connected to the Internet, and should understand the basic operations of the World Wide Web, Adobe Acrobat and electronic mail. BlackBoard, a computer bulletin board, will serve as the primary location for class work throughout the semester.

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