Complete final course work

We're now at that part of the semester for you to devote to your final projects. This means the reconfigured Assignment 3 and the Final Project - Assignment 4.

Everything is due the last day of finals

Also, don't put things off to the last minute, as there will be a final test as well. It will be similar to the midterm.

Please post general questions in the main BlackBoard discussion area. Use your small groups to communicate and troubleshoot.


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Another style sheet exercise

You can use this as part of Assignment 3


Take this document and follow the instructions imbedded inside of it. Use the readings for this week from WT to complete the instructions. Also, you may pull some ideas from Raggett's Guide.

Once you feel you have a handle on the basics, explore the following topics:

  1. Text Alignment
  2. Text Spacing
  3. Link Styling
  4. Classes


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Work based upon Horton

  1. Put your site work on a computer and watch at least 3 people interact with it.
    1. Do not prompt them as to what to do.
    2. Users, write on a piece of paper what you think the site is about, what general knowledge you gained, some good aspects of the site design, and some ideas for improvement.
  2. Investigate putting a search engine on your site. Visit atomz.com for a free search engine hookup.


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Individual Review of your Project Work

I'll be visiting your Web sites to view each of your works in progress. Please have your work mounted and available for viewing, even if it is incomplete.

Complete list of assignments due by end of semester.


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Assignments for week of November 29

Lab Work


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