Mastering your Web Authoring Software

You have basically been "thrown into the pool" regarding learning your software. At this point I hope you have been able to use is somewhat effectively based upon the HTML you learned earlier in the class. Below are some links for Dreamweaver and FrontPage hint pages, as well as a few tutorials.

But before doing that, let me draw your attention to a fun little article that has some great tips for building a Web site. It will be the first thing people read in the next version of 575. Pay heed to the downloadable site templates, which will give you a head start on stylesheets.

Learning Dreamweaver

At this point all of my Dreamweaver resources are for version 4. They should still be helpful, as I'm told the basics of the program have not changed.

These are two good lessons to get you started:

  1. Dreamweaver 4 Overview
  2. Dreamweaver Walk-Through - two lessons from WebMonkey adapting your HTML knowledge to Dreamweaver

Then you can enter these nice tutorials for extending your Dreamweaver skills

  1. Site Setup - This is for Dreamweaver 3, but the idea is exactly the same in later versions
  2. Creating a Simple, Dynamic Table Layout
  3. Image Maps and Alignment
  4. Flexible Design, Alignment, and Rollovers

30 day trial versions of Dreamweaver may be obtained from Macromedia for both Macintosh and Windows

If you'd like to try out Dreamweaver, put your personal web work into it (don't worry; the html files will remain text files and will be readable in all text editors). Or build a simple site, like the midterm website

Learning FrontPage

I know nothing of FrontPage, but still trust the sources of the following resources.

Beginning in FrontPage


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Review of Major Formatting Skills

Do you have burning questions? Now is the time to ask. The following skills have been "run through" during the past weeks. Please feel free to review them as needed. Also, they could make a great set of exercises to try in Dreamweaver.

Formatting with tables

Review using tables as page layout tools by creating the following versions of the I Ching. Do not look at the code unless you must:

  1. Download the basic text file and the needed resources.
  2. View the files. There are three versions linked together.
    1. Plain
    2. Nicer Format
    3. Table Version
  3. Using the text and needed resources, create three versions of your own that are similar but not identical to the above
  4. Link to your personal home page and upload when you are don



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Tasks to work on this week

Personal Web Site

Follow the comments sent to you regarding your personal home sites. Make the corrections suggested, improve the interface, etc. Try to create a site "look" that departs from the template I provided you.

Add an external stylesheet to your site that at least reformats the <p> and <hx> tags.

Start integrating pictures. How about some icons to give your site a "look". Also, include a picture of yourself, or perhaps other scanned photos that promote your message.

Final Projects

The following items should be completed ASAP:

  1. Concept statement
  2. Instructional Design Document
  3. List of needed resources
  4. Site prototype
  5. Interface design


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A Thought on Web Site Creation

In any medium, the ultimate challenge is to communicate effectively to your audience. Projection and operation concerns seek to meaningfully accomplish this through planning and learning from users. The most difficult part, especially at this point, is to maintain a fresh eye for your site. What are you taking for granted? What is obvious only to you as the site's creator?

Exercise: Get at least 3 classmates to work extensively with your site in its present state and watch their work. Do not 'coach' or comment on their interaction with your site! Get as realistic a view of their successes and problems, then use this knowledge to fine-tune your design.


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Assignments for week of November 22

Project Work


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