Finish Personal Home Site

Remember, this assignment has a strict set of required elements.


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Publish the Personal Site using FTP

Your personal website needs to be published on a Web Server.

FTP Tutorial


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Formatting and Anchors Exercise

  1. Download this text file
  2. Format the file to look like this
  3. This file will need a clickable table of contents, using the anchor tag


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Begin Assignment 2.

Create a WebQuest

An educational topic will be decided upon by each individual. A simple WebQuest will be designed and developed in accordance to the readings.

This educational project seeks to create a professional working relationship between ECI 575 students. You are to individually create an educational website that teaches or informs its users about an agreed while discussing your work in a small group setting on BlackBoard.

A design document and accounting for all elements of your WebQuest should accompany this project. This assignment must be completed individually.

Find your group in BlackBoard by going to Communication - Group Pages. Enter the Group's Discussion Area to meet your support network.

Step 1 - Read about WebQuests through the links in the Assigned Readings. Then complete this WebQuest about WebQuests. The target audience is grade 7-12 humanities teachers, but you will get a great deal out of this exercise.

Step 2 - Decide on your topic.
Send this to me via the Digital Drop Box.


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Assignments due week of October 4

Lab Work



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