Quiz on HTML

Please take the online quiz on HTML. You will find it in the Assessment area of Blackboard posted by Wednesday morning.


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Why are we learning code

You may be interested in why we are learning to code HTML "by hand." Here are a couple of articles found in the magazine WebTechniques that make my case very well.


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Class Exercise

Download the three text files I've created: text1.txt, text2.txt, and text3.txt.

Here are examples of how they should look: text1.html, text2.HTM, text3.HTM

Use your skills to format them as shown in class

For an additional challenge: Save this unformatted syllabus as text, then use HTML coding to provide a reasonable structure for this document.


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Absolute and Relative Links

When writing html code, you will eventually need to create links. One of the most important things to keep straight are how to write absolute and relative links. Both use the <a href> tag, but to the actual linking in a different way. Take the following tutorial to be clear on this important concept:


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Finish Assignment #1 - Personal Web Site

Detailed tutorials have been posted to assist you with finishing the layout of Assignment #1


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Assignments due week of September 27

Lab Work


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