Searching and Bookmarking Files

No on ever knows enough about searching for information on the web. There are countless search engines that employ zillions of different strategies. Most of us just use one or two search engines, type in a few words, and take what we get. As the readings imply, we can do better.

Searching and Finding Resources

First read Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial. Then complete all sections of this exercise.

Search Exercise

At the end of the above exercise you will be asked to complete this exercise:

Write out a search topic you are interested in. For the purpose of Assignment One, select a topic that you are especially interested in, and/or a topic that relates to your teaching. Try to find and bookmark 10 sites (5 will be OK to start, but you'll eventually need 10). Be sure these are quality Web sites that would be of use to someone. Save the bookmark file to a disk.

Place it in the Digital Drop Box for me to review.

Tutorials for exporting bookmarks are:


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An Introduction to HTML

Now that you've gotten a simple Web page written, let's learn a bit more about the language. True, most of you will be using a tool like Dreamweaver or Frontpage for most of this class, but you still must learn enough HTML to make a simple page. There are a number of reasons for this:

HTML Basics

Read and work through Castro Chapters 2 and 3. Be sure to download and save the .zip file with all the source code and resources she uses throughout the book. This will be a great resource for you. Also refer to my reading notes.

For yet another perspective and a chance to practice some more use Webmonkey, a site full of web authoring tutorials. Note that these pages are constructed to allow you to print them out if you wish. The directions are a bit chatty, but give you a quick introduction to the subject.

First, read through the following to get a general understanding of HTML

Then, use the Webmonkey Teaching Tool to learn the following skills and tags:

In each case, be sure to practice the tag by completing the "try it" link at the end of the article if one is present.


Create a simple web page (or expand the page from last week) that introduces yourself. It should use the above tags to create a pleasing format. Content should include:

You should use paragraphs, headlines, and background color as basic organizing elements. Experiment with bold/italics, blockquotes, aligning text and line breaks to give a more distinctive look.


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Assignments Due Week of September 13



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