ECI 304 - Educational Applications of Computers: Agenda for March 29 and 30


In Blackboard, please complete the warm-up exercise found in Course Documents, 5 questions.

Free Speech and the Internet

Fair Use


What is allowed in fair use

New Media

Beyond today

Midterm Exam

We will review the midterm results and discussion remediation on the areas that were a problem. I suggest you return to the following web site:


Finishing WebWork Part 1

I will review the Assignment One Tutorial with you, then give individual help.

WebWork Part 2

Redefining WebWork Part 2

It has become clear that we will not be provided with HTML authoring tools adequate for the purpose. As a result, I'd like to present some options for you to complete Part 2 of WebWork. You have the option to use other means to create a media-rich lesson, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You will still upload these products to the web server, but may find it easier to create the lesson if you don't have to use HTML.

It is suggested you follow the model of a WebQuest for Part 2. The following links will get you started.

Project Time

The remainder of class will be spent on Project development

Assignments due next week

Readings due next week


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