ECI 304 - Educational Applications of Computers: Agenda for January 18 and 19


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Log onto your computers and into Blackboard to access a quick quiz. This is a practice quiz that does not count towards your grade, but will give you an idea of what my quizzes are like. [For those logging in early, the quiz will not be available until the beginning of class].

After completing the quiz, go to the Discussion Board and enter an introduction of yourself. Then reply to others if time permits.

Review of Project 1

As I take role, I will ask questions about the readings and your reactions to them.



MS Word 101

Online Tutorials about Microsoft Office

In class topics

Download this resume file for use in class. It will need to be saved on your desktop. We will then format it using the following tools.

Intro to Cognition

How do we learn? There are three basic streams of thought in how we learn. I will introduce each in preparation of Project 2.

Assignments due next week



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