ECI 304 - Educational Applications of Computers: Agenda for January 11 and 12


Student Information

Overview of class goals

Exercise - What do you know?

Choose a card from a "hat" with one computer concept printed on it. Your challenge will be to develop a short description of the person or concept based upon what you know and what you can gather from other class members. This is not a graded exercise! Let's just see where we are.

If you don't like your choice, you may try to trade with someone. It may be that there is some other person in class who knows your term; try to find them!


Lecture - Issues in Technology and Education

Lecture Notes (pdf)

Sign up for a Netware Account

Students will all need a Netware account in order to use the classroom computers. Applications may be submitted online or in person. Accounts will be activated within 48 hours. If you are not able to access a classroom computer tonight, please see to your account immediately. Students unable to login to classroom workstations next week will be marked absent from class.

Assignments for Next Week



Of further interest (optional) - The Computer Delusion by Todd Oppenheimer (Atlantic Monthly, July, 1997). This article is cited in the text and takes an opposing view to many claims of the computer's effectiveness.

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