AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: November 29, 2006

Final Flash

Yeah, right. Oh, I give up. Flash is a separate class.

Instructional Design for e-Learning

Let's talk about how ADDIE is modified in online learning. First, some key concepts:

Distance Learning

e-Learning is most closely associated with distance learning, so this is a good place to start. Some variance exists in definitions, but generally the concept deals with learning where participants are separated by time and/or space. A list of definitions exists at the University of Wisconsin's Distance Education Clearinghouse.

Note that my favorite distance education crab, Otto Peters, insists that distance learning must by definition include separation of both time and place.

Transactional Distance

In distance learning Michael Moore has been a big name for a number of years. His most lasting contribution has been the classification of three variables in distance learners. They are:

These are quickly explained in the SDSU Encyclopedia of Educational Technology article, and spring from Moore's seminal 1973 article Toward a Theory of Independent Learning and Teaching.


Now we'll take apart the ADDIE model and add elements as they seem apparent. Let's discuss it on it's own WIKI page.

Designing AHRD 650 2.0 (2007 version)

What? The semester is almost over? Help me make this a better class. I'm working in Blackboard.


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