AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: November 15, 2006

Class in Skype

Tonight we will meet in a Skype conference. My Skype address is hollenbeck.john; I will invite you to our conference call at 7:30.

Learning Online

Our text talks about collaboration online. Since this has been an interest of mine for a long time, I'll want to talk a bit about this. Some initial thoughts:



So you need to have enough people at basically the same place in a course to have online discussion. No s#$*t. I suppose you could say the more the merrier, but really it depends on who your students are. I've have very nice online discussions with 2. Also, the "one-room schoolhouse" is a model for a group of learners coming together at different times and levels. The Open University teaches most online classes with open enrollment.

Learning Goals

Probably this would be better stated as learning philosophy, but in any case there is no such thing as learning alone! Even reading a book is a conversation with the author (an asynchronous one at that). But to what degree do you wish to incorporate student voice? Ah, there's the greater point. Are you delivering knowledge or building it collaboratively?

How to Teach Collaboration Online

I'm still stunned that there is no real developed online collaboration theory, and so we default to face-to-face rules. Online can be vastly different, with shifting identities, synchronicity, different relationships with students (i.e. shy student are more likely to "speak"). Also the logistics of computer conferencing require unique techniques, such as notification of neglected threads. We'll talk here. But Jigsaw, PBL and the rest are really old news. Maybe we can discuss how to update them for the online world.

My Research

Now that I have you on the phone, let me tell you about my dissertation...

Interactive Media

OK, it's time to take on Flash. No, we're not going to master it, but there are a number of fairly quick ways it can serve as an asset.


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