AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: October 25, 2006

Reflections on Online Communication

Last week's discussion was __________ . We'll fill in that blank to start class. Many eLearning efforts have used some form of synchronous communication, so what were the strengths and weaknesses of the discussion. What would have added value?

Project Pitch

I've reviewed and commented on the storyboards. Now, I'd like you to pitch your idea to the group for comments. If you can, answer the following:

Developing Objectives

Brush off your ADDIE and take some time to do a learning/content analysis. We'll do it quickly in class and post to our project areas. Then, again, we'll listen and comment on each other's work.

Thoughts from the Reading

To me, this article drives home the time needed to create and conduct eLearning online. While this semester's work will call for use to wear most of the hats called for in the article, in reality one person cannot do everything. This is perhaps the hardest thing to get through to organizational management.

The things we want to keep in mind professionally include:

We will talk further about these issues in class.

Common Project

In addition to our semester projects, I want us to work on a design for implementation in LTLE. Let's get some ideas kicked around tonight.



So if typing back and forth to one another is silly and time consuming, maybe actually talking to one another would be better. I have a friend in Appalachia State who uses Skype extensively as a communication medium. It's free and allows for conference calls. Maybe we could do next week's class this way?

Video Chat

These Macs have a mike and camera built in. Supposedly we can talk to one another on iChat in such a way that all three are visible to one another. Let's do that as well.



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