AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: September 13, 2006

Multimedia the Easy Way


A lot of the text is concerned with principles best shown in a multimedia program rather than on a Web page. But there is one ubiquitous program available to test her out. So we'll start with good ol' Microsoft PowerPoint and start doing examples from the book.

To make PPT multimedia, view the following lessons in Atomic Learning - PowerPoint Intro for Macintosh


Another quick container for multimedia is iMovie. Though meant for video, this is also a quick way to put together graphics and record a sound track.

To create a better presentation of our slides, view the following lessons in Atomic Learning - iMovie HD 6 (or whatever you have)

Multimedia the Hard Way (just kidding)

Now it's back to Dreamweaver for some more foundation work.


Templates allow you to create a single document with all the repeated elements of your web page. Then, when creating a new page, you use a template to take care of all the redundant work.

Relevant Atomic Learning lessons are:

Site Layout

This I will go over in class. Basically, it is how you set up a site structure for an educational web site.


The challenge for this week is for you to start your own Blog! Use blogger.com if you want a free place to do it. As part of the fun, have your blog housed on your web server, not a blogger.


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