AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: September 6, 2006

Starting a Dynamic Syllabus

In a graduate class it is good to let the syllabus unfold. Still, I've made a start and its posted in the Course Documents area of Blackboard. Please download this and we'll review it in class.

Clark and Mayer Chapter 3

Ok, ok, I'm liking this text a little better. They introduce the idea that graphics are foundational to a lot of learning. I demand that graphics at least add some value to the document. Also, I feel that text is itself better treated as a graphic. But enough chatter on a page. Here are some links that may serve to illustrate the uses of graphics.

Graphics to Teach Content Types

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words...at least in some instances. And if they move, wow! Here are some illustrative sites:

Graphics as Topic Organizers

Not so clear on this, save that she seems to be driving more at usability than learning. But a nice clear navigation system does relieve the cognitive load.

Graphics to Show Relationships

Edward Tufte is the guru in this area. His classic books and workshops are not to be missed.

Graphics as Lesson Interfaces

Havn't found one yet.


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