AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: October 18, 2006

LMS and Synchronous Learning

We'll continue our look through Blackboard with a special twist; we'll do it totally online using course communication tools. That means we'll try to discuss our readings using synchronous chat.

To start (in Blackboard), go to Communication - Collaboration and log into the Lecture Hall. Now, I've never had any luck with this thing on a Mac, but since this is a new version we might as well try. After our requisite play time, we'll talk about media in eLearning from both a technical and theoretical viewpoint.


No one leaves tonight until we decide on something to build as a class. By next week.

I'd like you to search through your experiences as students in the program and think about some resource/educational object that you wished you'd had. Perhaps a guide to research, or a close look at options in the field. Some thing that would have made a difference.



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