AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: September 27, 2006


Last week we toyed with Blogger. This week I'd like to graduate to WordPress. It's a more powerful piece of software that gives us options to work with.

Other things to work with include:

The last article is a charming list of things to do. We'll go through them step-by-step.


Amy came up with the following site, which looks quite good:

I am trying to arrange access to an actual Podcast server on campus (and maybe streaming media!). In the meantime, let's work some more with creating 'casts tonight.

Creating a Lesson

Creating mediated lessons is a surprisingly hard thing to do. I'd like you all to prove this to yourselves by creating one this week. Based upon the forms filled out, most of you are OK with creating a presentation using PowerPoint or it's ilk. Therefore, I'd like you to create a "lecture" this week based upon a section of the readings. The specifications are as follows:

Now, don't get carried away with this. Use a simple template, a few bullet points, and perhaps some clip art.


Remember it? If not, here's a .pdf file of a PowerPoint from one of my other classes, as well as a worksheet for ADDIE

Let's begin applying ID and Clark principles to a lesson.


It's time to have a more theoretical textbook, and I've chosen my old friend "Theory and Practice of Online Learning." This book is published at Athabasca University and is distributed free of charge under a Creative Commons License. Let's read:


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