AHRD 650 - Instructional Design for e-Learning :: September 20, 2006

Principles of e-Learning Design

Tonight we review PowerPoint examples and non-examples of C&M Chapters 6 and 7. Do we buy the findings?


Completing our efforts to create and mount a blog. Once it's working, try to


How about Podcasting? Here are some resources:


Learning Online

  1. Read Taking an Online Class
  2. Learn Blackboard - If you're new to this product, please review this JMU training page . Please understand
    • How to log in
    • How to post a discussion forum message
    • How to create a personal web page
    • How to send a file to me using the Digital Drop Box
  3. Log into BlackBoard (if you are not reading this in BlackBoard)
  4. Introduce yourself in the Introduction discussion forum of Blackboard
    • From the Announcements page, click on Communication, then Discussion Area
  5. Begin your personal home page. (Note: this may not be available. If not, skip it.)
    • From the Announcements page, click on Tools, then Edit Your Home Page
    • Be sure to upload a picture of yourself or an avatar that will fill in for you
  6. See if you can figure out the digital drop box.
    • This is a place where you will send me computer files. Send me a one page word processed document (about anything) to see if it works. Click on Tools, then Digital Drop Box.

Remember, you have instructor privilages in our Blackboard environment, so poke around in there. We'll start building a class soon.

Exploring the Medium - Practical Assignment

  1. Find an educational environment on the web. It can be anything, but needs to be accessible to all class members. Learn something from it.
  2. Report your experience (complete with URL for us to try) in the Online Experience forum on Blackboard.


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